Chassis Stands

In addition to its venerable rolling chassis stand, MK Technologies manufactures three models of fixed chassis stands, all known for their innovative design and durability.

Rolling Chassis Stand

This stand is an MK Technologies customer favorite. Perfect for formula or sports racing cars, the stand can be quickly disassembled and stored flat by simply removing the 2 horizontal connecting tubes. Heavy-duty casters allow the chassis to roll easily around the shop or paddock.

Folding High Chassis Stands

Our all-aluminum folding chassis stands are designed to meet the specific needs for your car. For example, one stand can be made to hook into the quick lift lugs on the rear wing, while the other stand supports the car under the raised front floor section. This arrangement allows for the aero floor of the car to be removed while on the stands.

Fixed High Chassis Stands

MK Technologies’ latest chassis stand is our medium height stackable stands. These stands are built either 12” or 18” high and can stack on top of one another.

Fixed Low Chassis Stands

The MK Technologies low stands are made of aluminum, and feature a very simple, durable design. Custom made to the height needed to support your car when it is raised on quick lifts.