Weigh Scales

MK Technologies ZeD Scale Systems represent the culmination of decades of motorsport and engineering experience. Developed in consultation with race teams, ZeD scales feature zero compression and no tilt of the scale top, delivering flawless repeatability of chassis measurements, regardless of where the weight is positioned on the pad. From the center of the pad to the extreme edges, our ZeD Scales deliver perfect measurements every time.

Just how accurate is the ZeD? With no vertical deflection or pad tilt, the multiple load cells in each pad ensure repeatable accuracy of 0.1 lb anywhere on the pad surface. While maximum load on a standard pad is 1000 pounds, MK Technologies can build a custom scale system for you to meet any capacity required.

ZeD 1.4 Scale System

This rectangular (or square) model of ZeD scale pad can be custom sized to your specs. We use four load cells in each pad for maximum accuracy and repeatability.  

ZeD 2.2 Scale System

This triangular shaped model of ZeD scale pad is designed for use with set up wheels. We use three load cells in these pads and each includes leveling feet and an integral carrying handle. There is a hard “bowtie” shaped surface built into the top that is capable of withstanding the concentrated loads from setup wheel bearings. ZeD 2.2 scales are super easy to level.