Parallel String Toe Bars

MK Technologies manufactures parallel string toe bars for many popular race cars and can custom-build a toe bar system to fit virtually any car. Our toe bars are designed to be simple, precise and easy to use.

Like all MK Technologies products, our toe bars are better by design, with features like self-retracting string holders and concave-faced precision bearings at each corner which help guide the strings. Our design allows the alignment string to easily pop back into place. You’ll never step through or break the string again!

Formula Cars and Sports Racers

MK Technologies has Parallel String Toe Bar kits designed to fit most open-wheel Formula cars as well as the Radical SR3.

GT Cars

MK Technologies has developed proven Parallel String Toe Bar kit designs to fit many GT cars. The design brief is simple. The bars must be fitted quickly and easily with a minimum of tools and the measurements must be accurate and repeatable. Wherever possible, we attach the bars to points on the car where crash damage won’t have any effect on the location of the bars. In this way you can re-align your car even if the bodywork isn’t perfect!

Universal String Toe Bar Kits

This Parallel String Toe Bar kit is designed to fit most every car produced and is ideal for shops that service many different brands of cars. Like our other Parallel String Toe Bar kits, these bars come with string retractors and precision bearings.